About Me

Age 1

Age 1

Where do I begin?  I entered the world as the oldest child of Steve and Sue Crispin on July 18, 1979.  Do the math and you now know I am now over 30 years of age.  I used to consider people my age to be kind of old and mature, but then I turned 30 and realized that 30 is actually quite young.  “It’s the new 20″ my wife likes to say.  I also came to realize that you can be married, have three (now four) little kids, a steady job and in all respects be viewed as a responsible adult, while failing to recognize that you have entered such a stage.

I say all of that not to begrudge my position.  No way!  I am a happily married to a beautiful woman named Erin who is in all respects wonderful, and who (shameless plug) keeps a great blog called Married to a Baller (I’m the baller, naturally).  We have enjoyed over 10 years of marital bliss.  Ok, not bliss, because it doesn’t exist on this side of the New Earth, but it has been a joy.  And because of our faith in Christ, it only gets better, even if it is sometimes quite hard.  I am also a father to four wonderful little children, Abigail Lee (9), Elijah Joseph (7), Naomi Kathryn (5), and Isaiah Crispin (3).  Each of them are unique in their own right and treasured by both Erin and I as precious gifts to be loved and cared for so that they might become all God created them to be.

I am also a professional basketball player.  That is usually considered unique, but I have been playing the game so long that this life is the only one I know.  This is now my tenth year playing professionally and I enjoy the game as much as ever.  After High School, I had the pleasure of playing at Penn State University.  Following my time there, I have played in the NBA, the ABA, the CBA, Greece, the ABA again, the USBL, Poland, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and now Italy again.   It’s been quite an adventure, but I have learned much and give thanks for every success and the various difficulties that accompany my line of work.

What else can I tell you?  I believe the most important habit of my life to be spending daily time in the Word and prayer.  Theologically, you could call me Reformed, but I don’t quote Calvin like he wrote Scripture.  I love to read, love to learn, though I wasn’t a big fan of school when I was there (something I regret). I enjoy being at home, watching movies, long walks in the park by moonlight, and bike rides with the kids.  (Ok, take out the middle of that last sentence and we are still on target, because with four little ones, long walks under the moonlight are fairy-tales).  I love to talk about the things of God and enjoy landscaping in the summer months while home.  I give thanks for the good friends and family the Lord has given me, and enjoy time with them whenever it comes.  And naturally, I thoroughly enjoy the game of basketball.  Playing it, teaching it, watching it, blogging about it, whatever.DSC_8873

One final over-arching reality:  I love the Lord and give thanks to Him for what He has done for me through His Son, Jesus Christ.  The fact that Jesus has come, walked in perfect obedience to the Father, died a brutal death on the cross in my place, and rose again, ascending into Heaven at God the Father’s right hand is a reality that I will never tire to rehearse or communicate. That a God of infinite glory and grandeur has seen fit not only to create the world, but to redeem it through the work of Christ is a reality that defines every single aspect of my reality (at least I want it to).  And it is one that I hope shines through this blog.

I am a man firm in my convictions and I won’t be shy about sharing them.  However, I will be shy about ‘coming to blows’ over them.  Though I have been a bit over-zealous in the past, my aim now is to value the people I communicate with to the same degree that I value the truths I hold so dear.  In short, I aim to learn much and love much with a view towards living well.

I could say more, but that is always the case, so it is time for this little page to come to an end.  It is my hope and prayer that you are both encouraged and entertained by what I have to say on this blog.  I am not sure how it will end up, but I will certainly try to enjoy the process and make sure you do as well.